Twitter for 10 – Introducing Homeopaths to the world of twitter – a free online course

Twitter is a great marketing tool, an informative space to get connected and stay up to date on what is happening in and around the world. For homeopaths, it provides a forum to spread news quickly, to share and exchange information, to and from your community, groups, network, friends, and followers.

Following her first “Twitter for 10” Em Colley is hosting another ten day online course introducing homeopaths to the world of twitter.

Start date is 19th January 2015, if you are interested in taking part e-mail Em at: em(at) with a line or two about where you are at on twitter and what you are looking to achieve.

Course outline:

Day 1 Set up account – from beginning to complete account set up!
Day 2 Follow accounts (HWFM, SoH, The School, HAT etc)
Day 3 Send tweets to individuals in the group – using the @ function also introduce favourite-ing, RTing adding images.
Day 4 Checking @ mentions and DMs and sending both
Day 5
Using the # in tweets to ensure tweet is picked up in a search – why and how. Searching and RTing. Joining in on chat #Twitterfor10 Day6 Blocking unwanted callers – the options and preferred choices (report as spam then user can no longer follow/see/reply). How many people to follow Day 7 Adding a link to a tweet (I’ll share the how to blog on #hh here also) and #Twitterfor10 tweets
Day 8 #homeopathyhour search, RTing and joining in if feel happy to do so
Day 9 Making lists and why you’d do this
Day 10 Using third party applications eg Hootsuite or Tweet Deck etc to manage the account


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