Starting 19th January 2015 “Twitter for 10 – Introducing Homeopaths to the world of twitter” – a free online course


Following her first “Twitter for 10” Em Colley is hosting another ten day online course introducing homeopaths to the world of twitter. Details at:

If you are interested in taking part e-mail Em at: em(at) with a line or two about where you are at on twitter and what you are looking to achieve.

Course outline:

Day 1 Set up account – from beginning to complete account set up!
Day 2 Follow accounts (HWFM, SoH, The School, HAT etc)
Day 3 Send tweets to individuals in the group – using the @ function also introduce favourite-ing, RTing adding images.
Day 4 Checking @ mentions and DMs and sending both
Day 5
Using the # in tweets to ensure tweet is picked up in a search – why and how. Searching and RTing. Joining in on chat #Twitterfor10 Day6 Blocking unwanted callers – the options and preferred choices (report as spam then user can no longer follow/see/reply). How many people to follow Day 7 Adding a link to a tweet (I’ll share the how to blog on #hh here also) and #Twitterfor10 tweets
Day 8 #homeopathyhour search, RTing and joining in if feel happy to do so
Day 9 Making lists and why you’d do this
Day 10 Using third party applications eg Hootsuite or Tweet Deck etc to manage the account


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