Season’s Greetings and a happy New Year!

Dear Readers,

Season's Greetings 2014

Clever H. – the Mag! went live this year, and with its 3rd issue passes over into the new year 2015! I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the successful launch of ´the Mag´; for your interest in reading, your contribution of articles, comments, and the many shares via the social media. Thank you!

As the year 2014 comes to an end, a glance back over this past year reminds of much unrest worldwide. There have been burdens of economic crises, political upheaval, illness and epidemics, and many people out there have experienced life in an unkind form.

In these last days of the year, my thoughts are with them, and it is for them that I wish the New Year to bring hope, strength and resolution!

I wish for all of us that the coming year will bring only what we are meant and able to tackle, that all ventures we decide to, or have to embark on, will lead to places we are save to explore. I hope that the roads and pathways we will stride will make us meet kind people that influence our lives positively, and that we in turn can spread positivity to who we meet. I hope that we grow by our experiences and in turn can help others to grow. I wish that we grow together to achieve our goals, and grow together to become closer and kinder. I wish for us that while we pass through the new year, we can do our share to lessen the unrest and burdens in our world!

Happy Holidays!

Season´s Greetings and a prosperous, successful, peaceful, fulfilling, and happy New Year 2015!

Best of wishes from

Clever H. – the Mag!


Still looking for a Christmas-gift?

Looking for the perfect gift for a homeopath/homeopathy supporter? The e-cards from Homeopathy for Health in Africa are a great present, as well as the 2015 calendar, featuring scenes from Tanzania and the project.

Homeoepathy for Health in Africa :: Simply Giving



#homeopathyhour every Monday at 8pm (UK time) on twitter

#homeopathyhour is a live, twitter-driven event which takes place every Monday at 8pm UK time. The event provides a space for all homeopathic practitioners worldwide to discuss all things relating to homeopathic medicine. This includes conferences, events, books, research, the art & science of homeopathic medicine, principles of practice, websites, blogs, articles of interest and much more. This provides a virtual community for positive discussion in relation to homeopathy.

The session may host an expert guest, tweeting around their specialist area. Previous guests have included John Morgan from Helios Pharmacy, Kim Kalina (CEASE Therapist and trainer) and Mani Norland from the School of Homeopathy. The hour works around a general theme, although discussion of other areas are welcome also.

Dr Gary Smyth, Homeopathic GP and regular on #homeopathyhour says ‘highly recommended if you’re on Twitter… And a good reason to get onto Twitter, if you aren’t already! I would encourage everyone on this group to join in, no matter where you are in the world!’

To get set up on twitter, Homeopathy Action Trust has a handy guide:

And for a step by step guide to participating in #homeopathyhour:

Hope to see you there! With best wishes, Em (on behalf of @HomeopathyWFM)

Twitter for 10 – Introducing Homeopaths to the world of twitter – a free online course

Twitter is a great marketing tool, an informative space to get connected and stay up to date on what is happening in and around the world. For homeopaths, it provides a forum to spread news quickly, to share and exchange information, to and from your community, groups, network, friends, and followers.

Following her first “Twitter for 10” Em Colley is hosting another ten day online course introducing homeopaths to the world of twitter.

Start date is 19th January 2015, if you are interested in taking part e-mail Em at: em(at) with a line or two about where you are at on twitter and what you are looking to achieve.

Course outline:

Day 1 Set up account – from beginning to complete account set up!
Day 2 Follow accounts (HWFM, SoH, The School, HAT etc)
Day 3 Send tweets to individuals in the group – using the @ function also introduce favourite-ing, RTing adding images.
Day 4 Checking @ mentions and DMs and sending both
Day 5
Using the # in tweets to ensure tweet is picked up in a search – why and how. Searching and RTing. Joining in on chat #Twitterfor10 Day6 Blocking unwanted callers – the options and preferred choices (report as spam then user can no longer follow/see/reply). How many people to follow Day 7 Adding a link to a tweet (I’ll share the how to blog on #hh here also) and #Twitterfor10 tweets
Day 8 #homeopathyhour search, RTing and joining in if feel happy to do so
Day 9 Making lists and why you’d do this
Day 10 Using third party applications eg Hootsuite or Tweet Deck etc to manage the account

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Announcements of events, conferences, courses, workshops etc.  that will be taking place in the near future, can be advertised here!

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