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 If you would like to announce a conference, a course, a workshop, a proving or any event to do with homeopathy, you can have this info shared via the announcement feed of CLEVER H.! There is no charge for this service. Contact CLEVER H. at: cleverh-themag@hotmail.com with the details, a flyer, logo or pic and we will put it into the appropriate format and will share it with the homeopathic community.
If you would like to see you advert featured on the web-pages of ‘CLEVER H. – the Mag!‘, you can submit your logo or design (.jpeg) to CLEVER H. at: cleverh-themag@hotmail.com and we will feature it below an article or as an insert on the web-pages of the coming issue.


Details can be found at: http://cleverhthemag.com/adverts-classifieds/



Welcome to the announcement feed of Clever H. – the Mag!


With this Feed, Clever H. seeks to keep you informed about what is going on in the world of homeopathy!

Announcements of events, conferences, courses, workshops etc.  that will be taking place in the near future, can be advertised here!

If you wish to inform the homeopathic community of a happening, lecture, or group meeting, you can contact the Mag! and we will help spread the word.

Announcements should be forwarded to the Mag! at: