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‘Karvaan is this journey of self discovery’ – The 2020 Retreats for Homeopaths




No matter what your destination, Just be sure make every journey, a journey within. If you travel within, you’ll travel the whole wide world and beyond!

Karvaan is this journey of self discovery. It aims to fill you up with Abundance, Love, Inspiration, Vibrance and potential to Enjoy all that life has offer. With these 5 elements you are not just living but truly ALIVE.

Before you read more about what this wellness retreat is all about, simply stop and take a few deep breaths. Ask yourself “how are you feeling right now?” Just sit with the response for a few moments…

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to take pause from the rat race! So really, how are you? If the answer is “not as good as I can be”, whether it is on a spiritual, physical, or emotional level, then let yourself discover techniques to help change how you feel.

On the other hand, if you feel “I’m on top of the world, the best I’ve ever been”. Great! We invite you to recharge your batteries and practice how to retain those happy vibes!

Activities during the retreat:
– Yoga
– Meditation
– Dance movement
– Music therapy
– Art therapy
– Power of 5 elements
– Detox Healthy food
– Nature Walks
-One-one session with health coach
– Emotional detox & much more…

Upcoming Retreats:
3 days: 6-8th March
Apati , Lonavala

5 days: 23- 27th March
Nainital, Himalayas

5 days: 18- 22nd May
Nainital, Himalayas

To Know more & see previous testimonials: http://www.healingharmony.in/karvaan

What do people have to say? https://youtu.be/zMrhwJ_UpyU

*Seekers of every ilk are welcome. No previous experience in yoga or meditation is required.




P. Devadiga “Emotional detox and movement therapy were the activities that had maximum impact on my body , heart, mind & soul. I felt so alive.. I shed a lot of my inhibitions and hesitations during all the activities and I feel a sense of calmness now and I know it shall prevail…My perceptions and way of looking at things have changed for good and my anxiety has gone down….thank you thank you thank you”

Dr. Chanda, Homeopath: Amidst beautiful location we had sessions of yoga, meditation n lot of fun activities like dance movements, painting, trekking in the rain, master chef contest etc. We were provided with simple n nutritious food throughout. No tea, coffee, only green tea n ginger water was served. I applaud the efforts of both the Drs as the whole event went off seamlessly. I forgot my aches n pains and came back rejuvenated. Looking fwd to the next Karvaan !
-Dr. Chanda

KARVAAN Retreat: 3- day residential program

As homeopaths and healers we strive to bring holistic health to our clients. While we consult in our clinics and homeopathic dose does it’s magic, in the many years of their practice Drs. Preety Shah and Prajakta Vaidya observed that it is imperative that clients also walk their share of steps on their well-being journey. When clients are empowered, and given tools to awareness – they find wholeness sooner. Hence, the duo created an immersive 3- day residential program that aims to bring harmony & health on all levels-body, mind & soul in a colorful, playful & practical way.

Karvaan, as the name suggests, is a journey to bring you from fragments to whole. You may call it a holiday, a workshop, a retreat, or an adventure, but at the center of it, it is an unwinding focused to lead you on a journey of self-discovery to help you enable wholeness within yourselves. It is a holistic amalgamation of various healing techniques both time tested and contemporary.

Activities during the retreat:

– Yoga

– Meditation

– Healthy food

– Dance movement

– Music therapy

– Art therapy

– Power of 5 elements

– Hiking,

– Emotional detox & much more…

Upcoming Journey: 11th-13th Oct (Fri-Sun).

Program Fee: INR 9900/-

Early Bird discounts: INR 7900/-  (registrations before 6th Sep 2019)

To Register:


Venue:  HRC Center, Apti , Lonavala, India.

Karvaan is being conducted in a rural-wild set-up which provides a unique opportunity to connect us more deeply with the nature and ourselves. In addition, when we are simply be present in the vitality and beauty of this kind of wild, synergistic environment, something profound is activated within us. Our minds quiet down, our senses become more fully awake, and we are able to connect more deeply to our true human nature and the world around us.


What do people have to say?


“I would rate Karvaan 5 stars, I wish would give 6 actually, Never realized nothingness could be heartful & emptiness so powerful. I feel like a different person. Beautiful session & highly Recommended”


“Emotional detox and movement therapy were the activities that had maximum impact on my body , heart, mind & soul. I felt so alive.. I shed a lot of my inhibitions and hesitations during all the activities and I feel a sense of calmness now and I know it shall prevail…My perceptions and way of looking at things have changed for good and my anxiety has gone down….thank you thank you thank you”

Announcement – next on HWC: ‘Insights on Homeopathy as a Holistic Approach and about HWC’ by Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor

‘Insights on Homeopathy as a Holistic Approach and about HWC by Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor’ on Homeopathy World Community next live on Tori1 Radio on April 25 2019 Eastern Time 5 PM – 6 PM.

Time: April 25, 2019 from 5pm to 6pm

Event Description: Dr. Kavitha will come live on Tori1 Radio to provide insights on Homeopathy as a Holistic Approach and about HWC.

Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor
Board Certified Homeopathic Practitioner
President & COO, HWC

Location: Tori1 radio

Organized By: Homeopathy World Community (HWC)

Creating waves of awareness through Homeopathy World Community (HWC).


Skype ID:    Tori.live1
USA:    703 8796611
UK:    020 32878674
India:    9666 77 8674
Australia:    02 8006 8674

Announcement: Upcoming programs -HWC Health Inn Shows

The Homeopathic World Community (HWC) is proud to announce the upcoming programs on the HEALTH INN SHOW


April 9th:

Dr. Isaac Golden, associated with Cathy Lemmon provide insights on the topic “Homeoprophylaxis (HP), allowing prevention of infectious disease with homeopathy”

May 14th:

Dr. Jawahar Shah providing insights on the topic “Homeopathy for Psychological Conditions”.

A review on the book “Alternation Of Remedies”



A review on the book “Alternation Of Remedies”

” This book proves the intense research, and the depth in understanding of the genuine inductive Hahnemannian Homeopathy by the author.

Dr.Tahir Malik confronts the onesided, dogmatic and incomplete opinion of strictly unicists with indisputable facts.

We should at least make an effort to look at the “golden age” of Burnett, Clarke et al., where Homeopathy was still able to elicit results in serious pathology, compared to the psychological approach and doubtful physico-chemical constructions and idem dito results nowadays.

The condemnation by the critics of the alternation of remedies shows their very poor knowledge of Homeopathic history and the method used by Hahnemann himself even before Paris.

Remedy alternation, implicates a huge knowledge of Materia Medica and especially of the relationship between remedies. The writer explains in a unique and easily understandable way the history of the Aphorism 40 footnote, which made and still makes Homeopathy shake onits fundaments. Flexibility is also a characterisic of the author, when he emphasizes that alternation is in no way the only method in Homeopathic therapeutics, but often comes to the rescue in our daily complicated and complex disease presentation.

Dr.Malik’s work is a must for neophytes and experienced Homeopaths who want to take the challenge of turning Homeopathy into medicine again.” With great appreciation and admiration for this great opus. “

Dr.Med. Eddy Thielens  Belgium



This book can be purchased from Narayana Verlag, Germany and Riverdale Homeopathy, Toronto Canada.

‘Homeopathic Health Solutions’ presents: The Scope of Homeopathy in the Autism Spectrum Disorder

This seminar has been turned into a webinar…you can now take part from the comforts of your home. Webinar takes place at the same date and the same time. For registration see contacts below.




Dr. Samir Chaukkar MD(Hom) Dean – Dr. Batras Homeopathic Academy, Mumbai, India



Saturday, 4th August 2018 10am – 5pm



About Dr. Samir:

Dr Samir is practicing classical homeopathy since last 25 years based on Hahnemannian method finding pqrs (peculiar, queer, rare and strange)or characteristic symptoms in the case and also giving importance to physical symptoms as concomitants Ike cravings,aversions,thirst, even sleep positions and of course mothers history during pregnancy

Dr Samir has many cases of autism which are doing very well on remedies selected on basis of physical symptoms like thirst, cravings, aversions, also eliminations like sweat, stools, and urine and general modalities. He had a case of moderate autism which did excellent on medorrhinum based on the three legged stools of better at sea, craves ice and sleeping on abdomen, also a case of calc sulp doing well on H/o pustular eruptions, craves fruits and desires appreciation. A case where a mother said that he could pass stools only in standing position did well on Causticum

In all these cases he has observed that if we find out the peculiar physical symptoms we are sure to get the remedy since many of the symptoms the child exhibits or the parents talk are of the autism spectrum and hence they don’t form the totality of symptoms though are very striking.

Mothers history during conceiving, during pregnancy, during delivery and during lactation as well as fathers history during conceiving the child plays a pivotal role in many autism cases. He has a lot of cases of children with autism based on fathers history also e.g a case of staphysagria in a child who was very angry, throwing things and very sensitive did excellent based on his fathers history of humiliation and indignation in his office when the child was conceived. So its not only the mothers history but also the fathers history which is equally important in determining the remedy of the child.

Similarly a family or past history of cancer or Tuberculosis can be an important point to note when giving an miasmatic prescription or even as intercurrent when the well indicated remedy does not act.

So friends lets all of us meet in crawley and discuss our cases and interact with each other and try to help our children with autism and their parents and give them a hope to conquer this condition.

Further information is available by contacting Sam Doyle at Fountain Therapies on 01444 401271 or info@naturehealingnature.co.uk or drsamirchaukkar@gmail.com and +91-9892166616


Warm Regards
Dr.Samir A.Chaukkar 

M.D.(Hom), P.G.Hom(London)
H.M.D.(U.K)F.B.I.H.(UK) D.N.D.F.C.A.H.
P.G.Addictions Treatment(Canada)

Dean, Dr Batra’s Academy Pvt Ltd