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SELECTED READS FROM THE WWW – A review article investigating the nanodimension of homeopathic potencies

A review of Basic Research on Homoeopathy
from a physicist’s point of view
by Papiya Nandy
“Because of their reduction in size, the nanoparticles
modulate the membrane fluidity, which affects
membrane based functions, including permeation of
drugs through the membrane”.
The authors have  connected the “un‑quantifiable effects with the latest quantifiable technology” and as a concequence have “opened up an era of applications with more possibilities”.
Article from: The Indian Journal of  Research in Homeopathy
Article available in full at: http://www.ijrh.org/downloadpdf.asp?issn=0974-7168;year=2015;volume=9;issue=3;spage=141;epage=151;aulast=Nandy;type=2

SELECTED READS FROM THE WWW – Best homeopathic research

10 extraordinary research paper investigating homeopathy:

Extraordinary Evidence: Homeopathy’s Best Research

By: EXTRAORDINARY MEDICINE – The truth about homeopathy

Available at: http://extraordinarymedicine.org/extraordinary-evidence-homeopathy-s-best-research/