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Season’s Greetings and a happy New Year!

Dear Readers,

Season's Greetings 2014

Clever H. – the Mag! went live this year, and with its 3rd issue passes over into the new year 2015! I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the successful launch of ´the Mag´; for your interest in reading, your contribution of articles, comments, and the many shares via the social media. Thank you!

As the year 2014 comes to an end, a glance back over this past year reminds of much unrest worldwide. There have been burdens of economic crises, political upheaval, illness and epidemics, and many people out there have experienced life in an unkind form.

In these last days of the year, my thoughts are with them, and it is for them that I wish the New Year to bring hope, strength and resolution!

I wish for all of us that the coming year will bring only what we are meant and able to tackle, that all ventures we decide to, or have to embark on, will lead to places we are save to explore. I hope that the roads and pathways we will stride will make us meet kind people that influence our lives positively, and that we in turn can spread positivity to who we meet. I hope that we grow by our experiences and in turn can help others to grow. I wish that we grow together to achieve our goals, and grow together to become closer and kinder. I wish for us that while we pass through the new year, we can do our share to lessen the unrest and burdens in our world!

Happy Holidays!

Season´s Greetings and a prosperous, successful, peaceful, fulfilling, and happy New Year 2015!

Best of wishes from

Clever H. – the Mag!